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One year later….

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It was a year ago today that I was volunteering at Tushars and first felt the pain on the outside of my right hip.  Within a few weeks I started having debilitating days where I could hardly move. 

Fast forward to January when Dr. Steve Frogley figured out my sacroiliac joint was messed up and starting curing that problem.  It helped the hip – but never totally cured it. 

Since my left foot was bothering me with a lovely trio of tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis, I switched back to Dr. Eric Brady in Provo who fixed my foot two years ago.  He put me in a boot for a month to help the foot start healing and reminded me of all the taping, stretching, strengthening stuff I had let slide once my foot quit hurting. 

Once that was on its merry way – he starting digging into the hip. Literally.  Ouch!  Each week he added new strength and stretching exercises for the hip as well as lots of rolling.  In addition he would do a lot of dry needling.  Nothing like an electric current flowing through a tight area deep inside your hip to make you want to cry.  

This last week we did a treadmill assessment.  An important discovery was made.  We don’t know why or when it started – but I point my right foot out as I walk/run and also lean on the outside of the leg, which has led me to quit utilizing the inner thigh muscles when I move.  At this point I am retraining my muscle memory to change my stance and stride. This is always a pain – but this final step should hopefully clear up the remaining back and hip issues.  In less than a week, my upper shin has quit hurting, so I have high hopes.  


One thought on “One year later….

  1. So glad you’re feeling better and having more hope. Gives me more hope, too!


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