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Last summer I finally got to the point that I could mentally admit my weight was out of control and my eating habits were not making me healthy.  I was tired of feeling overweight and tired of repeated injuries.

I have been reading a lot of books.  Particularly the books by Phil Maffetone and determined that a lot of my issues were do to my addiction to sugar/junk food.  I was raised to be an emotional eater (thanks Mom!) and I was doing a good job of it.  But it wasn’t making me happy.

As I mentioned in my last post – I never thought I could break the junk food habit.  I was happy with it. Or so I thought.  I don’t think I really was happy with it – I was just comfortable with it.

Seeing my friend, Shauna Wendtlandt, lose a lot of weight and being impressed by the results my daughter, Jennifer Merkley, was showing after working on losing weight and exercising, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Strangely – I lost only a pound or two last summer after months of dieting and running incredible amounts.

After months of being crippled from what was diagnosed as Greater Trochanter Bursitis (see previous posts), I decided I might as well lose weight while I was recovering and not exercising a lot.

My massage therapist and friend, Jennifer Hanna, recommended Jeff Sproul – a nutritionist that specializes in athletes and I started seeing him in the beginning of November.  At that point I was 183 lbs.  By far my heaviest weight. Jeff convinced me that I had to choose to lose weight or exercise like crazy – you couldn’t do both at once in most cases.

I started weight training 3x a week (can we say 183 pound weakling) and not training more than 75 minutes a day total.  I was also put on a very restrictive diet of 1500 calories a day stretched over 6 meals.

The first week I was to eat exactly the same thing at every meal to make sure we were catching any dietary blocking points.  I was very happy to lose more than 5 pounds the first week.  (Wish that had kept up). After that I was given some variety to allow the diet some flexibility and less boredom.

In the first month – I took a vacation (I missed Starbucks at the airports) and celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving with my daughter and son-in-law.  We only ate out one time on my birthday (I did a little cheating) and were very conservative for Thanksgiving.  I was really grateful that they supported me in my dietary changes. It was really hard when my supervisor brought donuts for my birthday at work.  I ate half of a donut and hid the rest in a bathroom garbage can.

Of course, that was followed by December. I did a little more cheating – but really tried to eat well even with parties, our son’s birthday dinner and Christmas and New Years.  Let me tell you – the steaks and baked potatoes Kevin and I ate on Christmas Eve were like manna.  Losing the junk food habit makes me appreciate good food more.

After the first week, things leveled off on the weight loss side.  I was losing slow and steady.  It even got slower – but still steady.

I have learned to make healthy chicken soup when sick instead of junk food.  I even craved vegetables at a race the other week (so weird).

I did my first reveal on Facebook the other week.  I had been avoiding pictures of myself (other than a few selfies) until I felt like I was able to show myself making progress.  I was actually shocked to see the changes – and very happy with them.


This morning I was even shocked a bit to step on the scale and see 159.8!  Goodbye 160’s. 170’s and 180’s.  I hope that I will never see you again. In fact – I insist that I will never see you again.

So – for those who were wondering how I do it – that gives you a general idea.  My daily diet is roughly as follows:

  1. Protein shake with almond milk, 1/2 cup of fruit and spinach at waking
  2. Apple with 7 almonds and 2 oz of lean meat mid morning
  3. 2 slices Ezekial bread, 1 tbsp olive oil mayonnaise, 80 calories cheese, tomato, spinach/kale, 3 oz lean meat for a sandwich. 1 clementine. This is lunch
  4. Quest bar as mid afternoon snack
  5. 1/3 C brown rice (or equivalent), 4-5 oz lean meat, 1.5 C or more of a dark green vegetable for dinner
  6. Protein shake with almond milk at bedtime

I am taking this slow and steady.  My goal is to get healthy for life and for the first time I think I might be able to do this.  It has been such a struggle to lose weight at age 55 that I don’t ever want to have to go through this again.

As my online guru “The Nutrition Diva” always says – “Eat something good for me.”


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