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Injury Update

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Some good news on the injury front.  I posted a message in the Trail and Ultra Running (TAUR) group on Facebook a couple of weeks back regarding my bursitis issues – hoping someone might have a brilliant suggestion.  Steve Frogley, an ultrarunner from Heber, Utah (who also dabbles with being a chiropractor to pay for his fishing and running habits) said he thought I might have been misdiagnosed and that the cause might be my sacroiliac joint.  

After some car problems one day, I finally made it to Heber the next day to meet with Steve at Wasatch Chiropractic.  (Sorry about all the snow I seem to bring to Park City and Heber each trip).  We talked a bit and then he did some X-rays.  They have a cool digital X-ray machine and it was neat to see my bones.  Not so neat to see the lovely S curve my lower back was attempting to achieve.  Made it pretty obvious that the SI Joint was not following its intended plan.  

They did some trigger point therapy to loosen up my glutes and Steve did some aligning and it was pretty obvious to see the strength in my right leg increase once he got everything back in place.  

I had 1.5 days pretty pain free.  I can’t describe how wonderful that felt.  Only something that people who have experienced chronic pain will understand. 

Last week I did another snowy adventure up to Heber and got the SI Joint back in place again.  Now I am wearing an SI belt to keep things in place while I work on healing and strengthening muscles in the support areas.  As long as I wear the belt I am pain free about 99% of the time – I can live with that.  It has given me a lovely rash in the hip creases, so I have to wear it outside my clothes – but well worth the pain free living. 

Once again I learned the hard way that while doctors usually mean to treat you correctly, they often look only at the obvious issue (point of pain) and not at the root cause.  Learning this the hard way seems to be my favorite method, but I have also learned a lot about my body in the meantime and made some good doctor/chiropractor acquaintances along the way. 


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