Adventures in Running with Maurine

Pony Express 2015 Volunteering

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I love the Pony Express Trail race put on by Davy Crockett.  Just a unique atmosphere and location.  I’ve either voluteered, crewed, paced or raced this for several years.  

When my participation went from the 100 Mile to 50 Mile to not being able to race, I was grateful when Davy offered me a volunteer position that would allow me to sit down.

I headed out Friday afternoon to drive to the Pony Express Trail. Saw a couple of large herds of wild mustangs – the first herd below was before I even got to Lookout Point.   

Drove a couple of crew members out to Blackrock while stopping to cheer and check on racers on the 50 mile drive out. 

My volunteer role this year was to announce runners as they went through Blackrock on their out and backs.  Davy had picked up a speaker and microphone and I was able to spend over 6 hours out there visiting, announcing and having fun. Below photo by Matt Van Horn – me trying to see runner numbers to prep for announcements.   


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