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This has not been my running year…

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I had lots of great plans for 2015 – first year after getting my Plantar Fasciitis cured.  Unfortunately, things have not gone as planned. 

In early August I started to have some hip pain when on trails.  And it would later ache at home.  This pain flared in late August and was diagnosed as Bursitis in the greater trochanter (sorry if I murdered that spelling) as well as irritation in the IT Band in the right hip. Great combination.  When it gets bad, nothing relieves the pain.  I usually lay in bed for most of two days unable to sleep or get comfortable until the worst of the inflammation passes.  

My third episode of this flaring occurred last weekend after sweeping 11 miles of races in Park City.  Too many hills on top of too many hours of standing.  Within a day or two I did an assessment and realized that the hills at the St George Marathon on top of the long drive to and from the race would cripple me even more and made the decision that my racing for the year was over. I knew I needed to stay on flats until I get this hip cured. And – racing in Utah = hills. 

I have also had an ache in the upper tibia of my right leg.  Surprise – all my injuries this year are on the right side.  Usually it is my left leg that is messed up.  At first I thought it was shin splints, but the behavior was different and then I finally started thinking that perhaps it was a stress fracture.  It aches all the time – I notice it most when I am not moving, like at work, driving, or laying in bed.  

Today I saw a new sports chiropractor to see what I can do to get healed up. There is a ton of inflammation in my entire lower leg and everywhere he pushed on the tibia was sore, especially at the head of the bone.  Using a tuning fork also hurt – so we are going with the diagnosis of stress fracture.  I had one 20 years ago that never showed up on x-rays, so at this point am not going to go for an MRI, etc. Of course, this diagnosis comes with the suspected cure. No walking or running except what is needed for daily life. 

I am on some herbs, minerals, vitamins, etc. to help with inflammation and bone growth.  Massage and some stretching as well as icing to help the tissues heal.  

I’m trying to stay positive, but I am really tired of being injured.  I guess at this point I’ll do some drives into the mountains so I won’t miss them too much and work on getting off the excess weight I put on during the 3 years of Plantar Fasciitis + stress at work fun.  Probably also a good time to start back into some weight training – at least upper body to start. 

If you see me getting too down and depressed – feel free to inundate me with some pictures of trail porn. This too shall pass. 


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