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Change of Plans aka Something Rotten! (Not the musical)

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Nothing like ruining a weekend by receiving a message from the Race Directors of your focus race on a Friday afternoon to say, “Sorry – we cancelled your race.  And we are keeping the fund raising money you raised even though people only donated to the cause because it was a race requirement.” (It would be different if it was a cause they would have donated to if I was not entered in the race). 

So, with the push of a button, the EC 100 race for 2015 was cancelled.  Luckily, I happen to know of a terrific 100 mile race right in my neighborhood which is on a gravel/dirt road, and requires a car crew.  Called my crew chief (my sister, Marcia Nielsen) and she was happy to switch to a much closer race where she could actually see me as often as she wants or as often as I need and I registered for the Pony Express 100. It is one day earlier and on the Pony Express Trail and only a couple of hours of drive from here.  

Bright sides:

  • No long drive to California (less time off work that I don’t have)
  • Race is not on pavement
  • You cannot get lost on the course (unless you try to get lost)
  • Still have my crew chief
  • I’ve run the 50 mile, crewed the 100 mile and volunteered several years

Down sides:

  • Was looking forward to my pacers and to seeing running friends
  • Not a lot of cell service (SPOT will be put on active duty). 

Life is about adjusting.  I’m just ticked about being out lots of hours of plannning, fund raising related issues, and the short timing and excuses given for cancelling the race. 

Time to go for a run…..

Oh – new countdown is 98 days.  Anyone in the area want to come out and pace me at all?  I’d love it and help with gas costs. 


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