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Training Plan 2015 – Build Aerobic Capacity

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Since I was asked earlier today about my current training plan – I thought it would be easiest to just write a blog post about it. 

2012, 2013 and 2014 were pretty crappy years.  I went from being in good running shape to lousy running shape thanks to a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis that did not respond to any treatments (of course, it helps to have a doctor diagnose the root cause correctly). 

Starting in August 2014 I slowly increased my mileage.  Every training run, every race was done with the fear that I would feel that horrible pain come back and have to stop running again.  I still often spend one day a week in a boot for recovery purposes.  This is probably a permanent condition that I will have to always manage – but I have been very careful this time in following directions. 

After signing up for the EC 100 in October, I started to follow the training plan designated for the Zero to 100 Mile Hero group.  Sadly, I quickly found that this plan was not working for me considering my need to build up from an almost non-existent base and to also not get injured and be able to get back to loving running and training and not being in fear all the time.  This is nothing against the training plan for the group – I just needed to take care of Maurine and focus on what I needed. 

With that in mind – I did more reading on the Maffetone method I had tried before in 2013 and 2014 (each time being sidelined by the recurring injury) and that was at the base of Andy Noise’s training plan.  I decided to follow the method religiously until the St. George Marathon or a couple of weeks before that and focus entirely on building an aerobic training base.  This means eliminating almost all of my planned trail races this summer because the amount of vertical would exceed my heart rate training level as well as a majority of the vertical training I had hoped to do.  My plan is to sacrifice some of that this year in order to be able to enjoy it completely next year. 

My training plan is pretty simple.  Here are the basics:

  1. Minimum of 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown for each training session. 
  2. Running focus on Monday and Wednesday with keeping my heart rate under 126
  3. Walking focus on Tuesday and Thursday with keeping my heart rate under 126
  4. Friday can be either running or walking or alternating – depending on my mood and body.
  5. Saturday is one or more long runs. I am ramping up to do one 50K training run a month and one marathon training run a month (or combination miles that day) with an easier week in between of 20 mile maximum. 
  6. Sunday is a rest day.  I need it physically, mentally and spiritually (that is probably the most important part).
  7. Trails one to two days a week.  Most elite marathoners do trails a couple of days a week to provide variety and lessen the pounding on thier joints.  75% of my training on roads is sufficient for a road race. 
  8. Resting heart rate taken each morning.  Any day my RHR is 54 or higher means an additional rest day. 
  9. If I feel like pool running or a second training session with a friend or an Elliptigo ride – I can do them – as long as I keep my heart rate under 126. 

That’s it.  Simple and easy to follow.  Right now I plan to keep the bulk of my weekday training runs to under 7 miles until I get my base speed down to 12 minute miles.  Then I will increase it to 8 miles until I get down to 10 minute miles. 

I’d love to hear any input, questions or suggestions on this. The one thing I keep in mind at all times is that EC 100 is a goal, but not the end of the race.  I have lots more dreams to complete if my training goes as planned. 


One thought on “Training Plan 2015 – Build Aerobic Capacity

  1. Great stuff! Your plan of attack sounds solid.


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