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July MAF Test

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I was seriously debating doing my July MAF test this morning. OK – I debate doing anything at all most mornings at 5 a.m.  Yesterday I was really depleted from my 28 mile training run on Saturday and that took an emotional toll on me.  But I took a full rest day and worked on hydration and recovery and since my resting heart rate was 50 bpm I ran out of excuses and got in my running gear.

This time I walked to the track as my warmup.  It was a bit disconcerting to find the gates to the track locked, but I jumped the fence to get in.  Since the policeman driving by did not arrest me – either he didn’t care or didn’t see me.  My guess is that they don’t unlock the track over the weekend – and I was later joined by two other miscreants who did the same.

Since the weather was a little cooker, I decided to not drink during the 4 miles so that would not influence my heart rate or time.  And I decided to not check my mile splits until I got to work so it would be a pleasant or unpleasant surprise.

Concepts in the MAF test –

1) The first mile should be your fastest and every mile after that should be slower as your body tires.

2) If you are not seeing an improvement from month to month, it is an indication that you are overtraining.

Note:  I only did my first MAF test < 2 weeks ago, so it was not a true month difference.

Without further drivel – here are my results (drumroll please):

June 2015 July 2015
Mile 1 15:08.96 14:06.42
Mile 2 15:45.04 14:20.63
Mile 3 15:08.28 14:09.59
Mile 4 15:36.62 14:27.81

What a pleasant surprise.  I was just hoping to have a couple of sub 15 minute miles.  To have them all under 14:30 is a good indication that the Maffetone training concepts are paying off, my aerobic capacity is improving, and my training + rest plans are also paying off.


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