Adventures in Running with Maurine

June 2015 MAF Test

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In the book I am reading on the Maffetone Method he recommends that once a month I do a track test of 4-5 miles after a good warmup to see where fitness is going.  If I am not overtraining, I should see my speed improve each month.  All mileage under my HR maximum of 126.

This morning I did my initial MAF test.  Considering back in April I could only run a few minutes at about 20 minute miles without exceeding my HR I am very pleased. 

Mile 1  15:08.96

Mile 2  15:45.04 (Included veering off course to find a place for a VPB and getting back on course)

Mile 3   15:08.28

Mile 4   15:36.62

The times are slightly off what is expected (first mile fastest and each mile slightly slower) – but I think the virtual potty break impacted things. 

Also – I am now tracking my Resting Heart Rate each morning upon waking up with a pulse oximeter.  The RHR is a good indicator of overtraining.  If your RHR goes up by more than about 3 or 4 bpm – it is an indication of overtraining or illness. 

As an example – Sunday I was not feeling well.  RHR 54.  Monday I was not feeling well.  RHR 55.  Tuesday (today) I was feeling great.  RHR 48.  So I was able to get back to training today and cover my miles.  


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