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Sidetracked from the Road Trip

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So…. as indicated in my previous post, I decided to head down from the Grand Canyon to El Paso, Texas to see my daughter and son-in-law.  As I left Grand Canyon Village, I texted Mark and Sharill Hellenthall in Phoenix to see if I could arrange a visit with them and their foster babies (known online as Tofu2 and Tofu.5).  They were able to wait for me to drop by so we could go out to dinner and visit.  Great time seeing Mark, Sharill and their adorable Tofu’s (for those that are not aware – foster children information and images are not supposed to be shared online).  

After dinner I continued down the freeway to Tucson where I stopped for the night to soak my legs that were feeling the mileage I had put on them. That is – if the bathtub had had a stopper.  Instead, I went to bed to grab some sleep. If only the refrigerator had not made noise all night and the air conditioner would actually ever use the auto mode.  About 4 a.m. I gave up and packed up and hit the road. Think I only got about 2 hours of sleep. 

Early afternoon I arrived in El Paso and got to see my favorite daughter.

 I then had an enjoyable long weekend with the Merkley’s.  Jenn fed me well.  I was even able to crash their long planned  trip to see the musical Wicked in El Paso.  

After Wicked we also drove out to Cattleman’s Steak House and enjoyed a great steak dinner as well as a side show by this handsome fellow. 


Early Tuesday morning I started the long drive home. I spent Tuesday night in Kanab, Utah again and enjoyed a very comfortable room in a beautiful hotel where I left the homefire burning all night long. 


My butt was really sore from a long day of driving, so I wandered around Kanab for a while before grabbing some dinner.  I have to admit – I could handle living in a city where I saw sunsets and sights like this all the time. 



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