Adventures in Running with Maurine

Grand Canyon Rim Trail


On my second day at the Grand Canyon, I had plans to hike the Rim Trail from Hermit’s Rest over past South Kaibab.  That would be about 14 miles on top of the 16+ miles of the day before.  This hike was going to be using my heart rate monitor to keep my HR under 126.

I loaded up my car since I knew I would not be back before the hotel checkout time came.  This time I took the red loop bus from Bright Angel over to Hermit’s Rest. This bus ride takes about 40 minutes but the bus driver was entertaining and explained a lot of history as he drove and went through the various stops. 

At Hermit’s Rest I took a picture for a couple that was on the same bus and then asked them to take a picture for me. 

I was glad the weather was good again that day.  I started out with some arm sleeves, but the temperature soon rose so that even those were not needed.  

I highly recommend the rim trail. It is considered an “easy trail” and I saw lots of other hikers out there.  The first few miles were paved and after that it was dirt.  The trail goes fairly close to the rim and times and the views were fantastic.  I made sure to take the time to stop and read signs as I passed by them and learn more about this fantastic canyon. 

The Colorado River looks so far away and small.  It was hard to believe (ok my legs disagreed with me) that I had actually made it down and back to the river the day before.  

The one thing that struck me was the differences in color and richness of the “texture” of the canyon.  I think I am hooked on it and definitely want to go back for more. 

About 7 miles along the trail, I got a lightbulb moment.  I was actually planning to head back home for the Memorial Day weekend, but was already halfway to El Paso and my daughter and son-in-law would soon be transferring to a different base back East – so maybe I should go and see them?  The next overlook actually had some stairs on it and was near a cell tower, so I climbed up top and got the go ahead from Jennifer to come and visit them for a few days.  This changed my plans – so I decided I would cut the hike short when I got back to Bright Angel. 

I loved the views in the next couple of pictures. 

This was actually a crack where you could see down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 

This view shows Grand Canyon Village.  What really made me want this image though is the picture of just a section of the Bright Angel Trail.  Holy cow!  No wonder it wore me out! 

The trail gave me some nice training on tired legs.  I was pleased that my heart rate was not overstressed from the day before and I was able to alternate running and walking and was not really tired.  Note: it was nice to have a few hours before the DOMS hit. 

I can’t wait to go back and finish the rest of this trail.  Maybe even do it as an out and back because I enjoy seeing the views from both directions.  They can be surprisingly different. 


2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Rim Trail

  1. Hey, Maurine. What kind of camera do you use on the trail, specifically for the Grand Canyon pix


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