Adventures in Running with Maurine

Week three of EC100 Training

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Week three is starting today.

Here are the highlights from week 2:

  • Monday – I was extremely stressed out that day and took a break from life and headed over to Wheeler Farm (one of my trail getaways in the middle of the city) and wandered the park praying and thinking.  5 miles
  • Tuesday – planned workout was 3×12 minutes at TP (< 12:24 mm) with 4 min walk between each 12 minute segment. I ended up doing 4.8 miles – the last 12 minute segment was a challenge (particularly the last 5 minutes).
  • Wednesday – was not feeling the love (my left knee was hurting) so only did 2.4 miles in 40 minutes keeping my heart rate below 126 bpm.
  • Thursday – 5.8 miles (10 min EP/40 min MP/10 min EP).  Marathon pace was not going to happen with my knee hurting – so just worked on walking.
  • Friday – no actual workout – drove up to West Yellowstone, Montana for a hideout weekend.
  • Saturday – The planned workout was 12 miles at EP.  I started out in the snow in the morning (I got to wear my Peacock winter hat for the first time!). I wandered the outside of the little city doing exploring and enjoying myself. Not too much had changed since I was last there 9 years ago. Off season there are a lot less people in town. As I was heading out to the airport I found a brand new pry bar about 10 feet off the road and picked it up on my way back into town.
  • I got the rest of my miles in by wandering inner portions of the town and through the stores that were open (OK – I skipped the “fly shops”). – Total of 12.7 miles on Saturday.
  • Sunday morning I woke up to more snow.  I had made some of the decisions I needed to, so drove home and took the day as a rest day. 


 Geeky times of the week:

  • I bought a SPOT device a week ago and started experimenting with it out in West Yellowstone.  A SPOT device can be used for race and training tracking.  It sends out a beacon message every ten minutes.  This way, if I disappear, my daughter can figure out where I might be laying on a trail and send out rescue crews. It also allows those of my family that want to know where I am in a race (probably not too exciting on a 1 mile loop race) to track me and know how far I have gone and if I am still moving forward.
  • I am experimenting with settings on my Garmin 305 for speed, heart rate, etc.  Or rather – I’ll do the heart rate settings when I find one of my Garmin heart rate monitor straps.  I’ve found two different Polar straps, but so far the Garmin ones are in a safe place.  (Which usually means I will never find them).

One of the posts in the Zero to 100 Mile Hero page was about us being like the Brady Bunch.  In a moment of boredom (probably during a meeting) – I cam up with the following variation on the Brady Bunch theme song:

Here’s the story of a crazy Jester
Who was finding free time after setting a world record in 2014.
He thought – I think I can fill my life up training 100 mile champions,
and raising funds for the 100 Mile Club kids through his new team.

Here’s the story, of a coach named Andy,
Who was busy with training and racing on his own,
Jester roped him in to helping with the program,
Yet they were all alone.

Till the one day that they picked out six lucky winners
And they knew it was going to become more than a dream,
And Martha came along to keep things realistic.
That’s the way we all became the 0 to 100 Dream Team.

The Dream Team,
The Dream Team,
That’s the way we became the Dream Team.

Note: This goes back a long, long time to my sophmore year at BYU when Physical by Olivia Newton John was banned on the radio stations in Utah and my roommate and I rewrote it as Spiritual by Olivia Neutron Bomb, had it published in the paper, and gained 20 minutes of fame).


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