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Week two of EC 100 Dream Team training

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This is the start of week 2 and we have official workouts now from our physical training coach – Andy Noise.  It is nice having two different coaches – and it will be interesting to see over the course of the next several months how “seriously” training (instead of whatever (said with attitude)) will do for me.  I really haven’t scheduled trainings for many years – which could be why I have not had spectacular results. 

This is the plan I will be following.  Please note that different team members will have different rest, easy days etc.  We are given the guidelines and then adapt them to our schedule:

  • Sunday – 48 minutes at Easy Pace
  • Monday – 3×12 min at Tempo Pace with 4 min walking recovery between each rep
  • Tuesday – 40 minutes at Easy Pace
  • Wednesday – 10 minutes at Easy Pace (warmup) then 40 minutes at Marathon Pace then 10 minutes at Easy Pace (cooldown)
  • Thursday – 48 minutes at Easy Pace
  • Friday (may leach into Saturday) – long run – 12 miles at Easy Pace
  • Saturday – 6 miles at Easy Pace

Earlier this week I did a 10K trial run to get my current fitness level for the various paces.  Until I do another 10K or half marathon to check my fitness in a couple of months – these are the levels I use:

  • Easy Pace = 14:40-15:57.  Note – I am going under the assumption though (may be wrong) that for Easy Pace training I am just supposed to stay under 126 bpm.
  • Marathon Pace = 13:17 mm (minutes per mile)
  • Tempo Pace = 12:24 mm

I was scheduled to run the Salt Flats 50 mile race this Friday.  However, the last week or so I have been having some foot problems and to try and avoid pushing my foot too far (and putting me on the injured reserve list) – I postponed my entry for a year and am going to pace a gentleman from Canada for the last 30 miles of the Salt Flats 100.  

I am also trying a few new supplements to injuries to reduce nerve pain in my foot and arm and also inflammation.  I will see how they help me for a week and then will post more details on them if I decide they are positively impacting me.

Goal for the week – With the exception of my long run – I would like to start forcing myself to get up in the morning like I used to and get my training run out of the way for the day.  Not only does that get a goal accomplished earlier each day, but then I can fit in a walk in the evenings or at lunch time on days I am so motivated for more time on my feet. 

Have a great week everyone!  Not only will I post another update on my EC 100 training next Sunday – but I will be blogging about my pacer adventure this week at the Salt Flats 100 (and geeking out with my new SPOT tracker I bought yesterday). 


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