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Zero to 100 Mile Hero


My good friend, Ed Ettinghausen (aka The Jester) recently came up with a brilliant idea to help motivate and train some people for the 100 Mile Endurance Challenge in October, 2015.  I was one of the lucky people selected to be part of this journey.

There are six women that are part of this challenge (uh oh – too much estrogen already) and we are called the Zero to Hero Dream Team on Facebook. Ed and Coach Andy Noise will be guiding us through the process of finishing our first 100 mile race in under 30 hours in a little over 6 months (gulp).

This is indeed a dream and I will be blogging weekly (if the ambition is there) about this journey.  Good, bad, and ugly.  Hope you enjoy it.

I do need to raise fund for the 100 Mile Club. I will be posting my quiet attempts to grovel for money on facebook and my blog.  Thank you already to those that have contributed including Christy Perkins, Brenda Smith, Elizabeth McKay and Kathy Koeven.  I really appreciate the support. And – in case you feel the urge to open your wallet right now – here is the link again – think Money Money Money

Let’s all repeat the Zero to 100 Mile credo after me:

Zero to 100 Mile Hero Credo

Zero to 100 Mile Hero Credo

Now – let’s take a deep breath and let the fun begin!


2 thoughts on “Zero to 100 Mile Hero

  1. Best of luck, Maurine. It can be done.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement to Maurine, RD-Darren. As she stated, Andy Noise and I will be bringing six ladies to EC100 this year for their first 100 mile race. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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