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Taking charge in 2015 (+ 30 day challenge 1)

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I sat on the virtual pity pot a lot in 2014.  Plantar Fasciitis, work stress, being overweight and out of shape, etc.

No more.  That is over.  I am taking charge of my life in 2015 instead of letting life take charge of me.

One of the steps I am going to take to meet this goal is to set myself some 30 day challenges.

30 day challenge one will be to not eat sweets and junk food.  Yes – this includes my beloved hot chocolate.  I need to break my sugar addiction and this will be the start.

So – from January 11 to February 10 I am going to avoid the junk food.  I will allow myself Crio Bru to count towards hot chocolate – but since that has very little taste and only 10 calories, I think it won’t count as sugar.

Let the fun begin.

(Notice – I am getting this done before Jackpot in February).


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