Adventures in Running with Maurine

Ambassador Lee

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2014 ended on a high note with my finishing my first ever 100 mile race and earning a coveted belt buckle.

2015 started on a high note when my facebook feed started pinging me on the drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas and I pulled over to see the following:


When I first graduated from college in the stone age, I had dreams of working in an embassy as a foreign service agent.  That dream fell by the road, but now I have skipped right over that step and am an ambassador.  Woot!

In reality – I have had dreams for about three years of becoming an ambassador for one of the running organizations I admire – but am usually too chicken to apply.  However, Solemates Ultra Running Events has been existence since 2013 and was started by my friends Mark and Sharill Hellenthall. I ran (or maybe walking would be more honest) two of their events last year – the Silverton 24 Hour race and the Solemates Tryptophun Run.  Silverton was actually my first event last year and my method to test how my Plantar Fasciitis was healing.  Tryptophun was an inaugural event and I combined it with at Thanksgiving trip to El Paso to visit family and then 24 hours of walking in the desert in Phoenix.  (Not to brag, but I won the overall 24 hours woman’s race and probably hold that course record for another five seconds).

When Solemates announced their first ambassadorship program, I started to inwardly drool.  Because of Mark’s personal history, I noticed that they were providing opportunities to people who were not the fastest or the most famous runners and put my name into the hat for the last ambassadorship position.  I never dreamed I would be chosen, but I was.

I am so excited by the opportunity this provides me to run in all of the Solemates races this year that I can make.  They put on great races and treat people very well.  I’m hoping I can convince some of my Utah running cronies to join me on these adventures since the race vehicle will be going that way anyway and that I can let my fellow runners know what a great set of race directors Mark and Sharill are.  Here’s to an exciting 2015!


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