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Secret Santa – Wrangler Style

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I took part in a Secret Santa exchange in the Wasatch Mountain Wrangler group on Facebook.  This involved putting together a gift for your assigned person, wrapping the gift to be weatherproof, hiding said gift and then providing clues.

The gift for me was one of the first ones to be hidden and after a really lousy day, I decided to head out late at night all on my lonesome to find it.  My package was hidden 2 miles in from Burch Hollow on the Pipeline Trail up Millcreek Canyon.  I have to admit I was more than a little freaked out running so late and all alone, so I took along a stun gun and my .22 (love my friend Smith and Wesson) for the adventure.

It was so fun to find my gift, pack it back out and then head home and open it.  New running socks, treats, a new water bottle and a handmade Christmas ornament were part of my treasures.  This helped turn a rotten and stressful day completely around.

The next Saturday it was my turn to hide my package.  I headed up the Mueller Park Trail in Bountiful to past Elephant Rock.  I hid it in some evergreen trees hoping they would protect it from the weather and other people finding it.  I think it is hidden too well because it started snowing on the way down and is probably buried until spring.

This was so much fun and I hope that we can keep this tradition up and even expand it to more people next year.  What better way for trail runners to find gifts can there be!


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