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Le-Vel Thrive (product endorsement)

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Disclaimer – this product is part of a multilevel marketing organization (MLM).  I am not reviewing it because of that.

One of my coworkers posted a thread on Facebook a while back about a product called Thrive.  In the last year I have struggled with some health issues including depression, inability to wake up refreshed, insomnia, and getting sick a lot.  I reviewed the material she sent me on this product.  I actually reviewed it a few times and did some online research because I don’t trust reviews on a company’s own website.  The cost of this product (~$200 a month) also made me nervous.  I was also not thrilled that it was part of a multilevel marketing organization.

When I finally made the decision to sign-up, I told my coworker that I did not want to be advertising or promoting or actively marketing the product. Please don’t take this post as being written for that purpose.  I have been told to give out the following link for Thrive. There – did that.

The reason I wrote this post is to actually put in words my experience.  When I initially signed up I did so thinking I would give it a try for one month and then probably say the heck with it.  I was even told they had a money back guarantee.  I have used those plenty of times for diet programs, workout bands, etc.  I really didn’t think this would work.

Thrive does not come with any instructions.  You would think for the price you pay they would throw in a pamphlet for free. Go figure. The basic program is as follows:

  • Take two Thrive capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with water.  These capsules do contain caffeine among other ingredients, so I was pretty shaky the first two or three days. This is done daily.
  • 20-40 minutes later mix the Thrive powder in water and drink it.  This is done 4 consecutive days in the week. (I really have no idea why it is not every day).
  • At the same time slap on a Thrive patch on somewhere with thin skin like the inside of your forearm, inside of your upper arm (I have lots of flab making that larger), shoulders, upper buttocks, etc.  This is done daily.  I occasionally get a little irritation around the patch, but don’t notice it much any more.

There are also come other products you can purchase like Boost (fruit and veggie supplement that looks gross but tastes good), Activate (can’t remember what it is for), and Balance (weight loss and immune support capsules – they look like they are basically supposed to cleanse the old colon out).  Today is my first day using these three products – so can’t say much about them.

I started using Thrive about three weeks ago.  The first day I used the product also happened to be the first day I was put on steroid inhalers to get my asthma under control from a bad case of bronchitis.  For the first week I truly wondered if it was the steroids making me feel better, the placebo effect from paying so much for the product, or Thrive itself.

At this point in time I really have to say that I am positive the product works.  So much so I spent way too much money on a Black Friday sale to get three more months for the price of two. (Gulp). I did not really focus on eating well or eating less because I was going on vacation, wanted to enjoy Thanksgiving with my daughter’s family, and had two ultramarathon races over two consecutive weekends. During this period of time I noticed the the following results:

  • I was able to go to sleep without tossing and turning about 90% of the time.  On race days this sometimes was even after a couple of hours of napping.
  • I was able to stay asleep, or quickly go back to sleep without dealing with insomnia.
  • I wake up before my alarm goes off each morning and am feeling alert and happy – even before taking the morning capsules.
  • I am not really hungry and am able to curb most cravings.  Actually – I have allowed myself to give into cravings instead of the cravings driving me.
  • During my races I have not had energy crashes.  This is not to say I have not been tired – that is a given – but have not needed 5 hour energy drinks and have felt really good.

For my fellow crazy runners/walkers out there – I did a hilly/sandy 34.2 miles in about 10 hours one weekend and the next weekend I ran/walked 72 miles on a flat course over three days.

I am not trying to market this product to anyone, but if you are struggling with health issues – it might be something to consider.  You can use the above link or I will hook you up with my friend.



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