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Thanksgiving Vacation Fun

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For Thanksgiving this year I decided to take a road trip.  This road trip included a few stops and lots of fun.

Stop 1: Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I had breakfast the next morning with an online friend that I talked to a lot, but never met.  Always great to meet someone in person that you know pretty well.

Stop 2: El Paso, Texas.  Thanksgiving holidays with my daughter and son-in-law – Jennifer and Jeremy Merkley. This trip involved:

  • Early Christmas shopping.
  • A hike to the only tin mines in the United States
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with family and new friends
  • Cooking my first turkey in years.
M&M and Rice Krispy Turkey

M&M and Rice Krispy Turkey

Stop 3: Las Cruces, New Mexico.  No trip to El Paso is complete without a meal at El Sombrero Restaurant and their delicious steak fajita burrito with queso on top.

Stop 4: Phoenix, Arizona. The first ever Tryptophun Run.

Stop 5: Flagstaff, Arizona.  This was just an overnight stay.  But I appreciate them allowing me to experience my first earthquake.  (I had to google it in the morning because I wasn’t sure if one really woke me up or I dreamed it.)

Stop 6: Beaver, Utah.  Picked up two little Yorkie puppies for my sister.

Stop 7: Home.


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