Adventures in Running with Maurine

Downhill and Dogs

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Labor Day was the second annual running of the Downhill and Dogs run for Leslie Peterson and me.  Shuttle transportation and aid station provided courtesy of Harold Peterson.

This is one of my favorite runs and days the last two years.  Early on Labor Day morning, we loaded up the Peterson SUV and headed up to the top of Guardsman Pass.  There, Harold drops us off and we start the long downhill run into Midway.  
Leslie and I then spent the next hour and a half running 9 miles down the back of Guardsman.  Beautiful run with mainly downhill, occasional flat and rare uphill sections.  The leaves were already turning and we enjoyed visiting and running together.  The last mile or so we pushed the pace – probably my fastest mile in a long time.  Great downhill training for St. George Marathon. 
At the end of 9 miles, our chauffeur dropped us off at Soldier Hollow to spend the rest of the day watching the Grand Championships of the Sheepdog Trials while he went off for a day of biking and naps.
Leslie and I had a grand time watching the incredible efforts of the sheepdogs and their handlers.  Makes Twilight look positively lazy in comparison. 

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