Adventures in Running with Maurine

More Draper Trails

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Due to the wind and snow this morning, Leslie Peterson and I bagged our plans to run in Park City and instead met up at the Draper City Park. We did an out and back for a total of 7 miles on the Draper Canal Trails. I did one or two miles on the equestrian trails to get some trail time in. It was snowing pretty well and the trail got a bit icy at times. I was glad I had on my hobnail running shoes.

Leslie called it quits at 7 miles and I continued around the park. I had seen a new trail at the back of the park that I wanted to investigate. I was prepared to run another three miles at the most. The new trail is called the Willow Creek Trail. Guess what – it parallels what I think must be Willow Creek. The trail runs between subdivisions on the one side and farms on the other. The paved path only lasted about .75 miles and then I went a little bit further on a concrete trail that seemed to be petering out. Turned around and headed back to the jeep. It seemed to be getting colder and I was glad to be done. Nice to get in 9.25 miles on a snowy and cold day.


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