Adventures in Running with Maurine

Increasing Mileage


I have several ambitious plans bouncing around in the back of my head for 2012. A lot of them depend on getting in shape, losing weight and increasing my mileage again. So – as of today I increase my race plans for the remainder of 2011 from one race to three races.

September – Dirty Dash – a 10K at Soldier Hollow involving running, wallowing, obstacle courses, and lots of fun.

October – Mountain View Trail Half Marathon – I’ve volunteered at this race on Antelope Island – this year I will run it. And maybe I’ll turn around and run it back to the start when I am done. I would just have to figure out logistics for having fluids and gu available. Maybe just carry it all on my back?

November – more fun on Antelope Island. Jim Skaggs started a 100K last year and this year added a 50K option. This includes trails I have not yet run on the island. With a 12 hour cutoff – I could walk the course and finish in time.


2 thoughts on “Increasing Mileage

  1. I've read lots of feedback of the races on Antelope Island. Should be awesome.


  2. Johann – they are great. I've run on the island for at least 20 years now (back when no one ran out there).


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