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Trail Therapy

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I’ve been working lots and lots of hours lately. Combine those hours with working two different jobs and there hasn’t been as much free time for working out as I would like.

So many times I have told people that they will be more effective at work if they take some time to work out and get their minds clear. I must admit I am guilty of not following my own advice. I think that needs to change.

Anyway – I had worked from about 6-9 a.m. yesterday and was starting to feel frazzled, so asked if I could take a few hours off to go running. I changed clothes and headed up Millcreek Canyon to run the Pipeline Trail. The weather alternated between being sunny and sprinkling on me – but it was so nice to be back on trails. There is nothing like being back in nature to allow your mind to clear. Especially on shorter runs when I don’t turn on music and force myself to detach from electronics (except my beloved Garmin, of course). 9.25 miles and 2 hours and 15 minutes later, I was refreshed and ready to go back to work and be productive.

As close as I live to trails – I really wish they were even closer. This so beats running on roads in any way, shape and form.


One thought on “Trail Therapy

  1. Maurine, have I ever told you I think you're an amazing woman and I'm nuts about you!? Well, remind me to do that sometime! Just kidding! I mean it with all my heart! I really admire you, as well as just enjoy being around you. Thanks for sharing my love of books, even if I can't quite get there on the running thing! Love, Auntie M


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