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Your Monday Laugh

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Ok – so I am technologically advanced in a lot of areas. But when it comes to TV’s – I rarely watch mine, so am pretty dumb there.

And – if I need another excuse – I’ve been stressed between work and training for ultramarathons this summer and fall.

Now for the laugh…

Background: I hardly watch TV. I’ve probably not turned on my TV since the last Biggest Loser finale show. So, I decided it is stupid to keep paying for DirectTV when I never use it. Sometime in September I cancelled my DirectTV subscription. The company sends you a box, you pack the receiver and remote in the box and mail it back. Ta Da! The first box they shipped to my house was stolen. I requested another box be sent to my office. Stupid company sent it to my house and I was in a rush to get the receiver mailed back, so shipped it off as soon as I could.

Since then, I have watched a couple of shows on the computer, but didn’t have any antenna hooked up to the TV, so didn’t bother with that. I did try to play the Wii one day with no success. And I tried to watch a movie on my DVD player when I was recovering from the 50 mile race. No luck with both of them.

My brother-in-law put up an antenna in my attic on Thursday night, so now I am trying to get the TV to work. I asked my son on Friday night to get the Wii and DVD player hooked up. A few minutes later he calls me into the bedroom.

Stupid move #1 – I am missing the Wii AVI cable. Apparently I threw that in with the stuff I shipped back to DirectTV.

Stupid move #2 – My son pointed out that I still had the DirectTV receiver on my dresser. Apparently I shipped back the DVD player instead of the DirectTV receiver.

OK – now that you have all had your laugh, I am crawling back into my technologically unsavvy hole.


One thought on “Your Monday Laugh

  1. Oh, Maurine, you're so cute and funny! I'm so glad you occasionally do goofy things like the rest of us do! Love, Aunt Mary


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