Adventures in Running with Maurine

My Daughter Rocks!


My daughter, Jennifer, is a whiz at digital scrapbooking and photo manipulation. She has always taken care of the design of my blog and has just updated me back to my favorite blue colors with some truly awesome graphics and artwork. Thank you so much, Jenn!

I am also so excited because Jenn and Jeremy will soon be PCS’ing (I learned that means Permanent Change of Station in Army talk) from Naples, Italy to Ft. Stewart, Georgia. Much closer for visiting and getting in touch with and only a 2 hour time difference instead of an 8 hour time difference.


6 thoughts on “My Daughter Rocks!

  1. Love you mom. 3 weeks until we are in utah!


  2. Doing the happy dance about that!


  3. Beautiful!! Maybe Jen can give me some classes.


  4. WOW! i love the new look! That is such a GREAT picture of you 🙂


  5. If anyone wants to learn I am glad to help, just let me know…I'll be in utah in 3 weeks, staying at my mom's and will have my laptop and be scrapping! is my blog, has more scrapping stuff there as well.


  6. Great new look! good blues and photo setup! sorry to hear about your knee, we can limp around together!


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