Adventures in Running with Maurine

Showing my sister the trails


My sister and I had a weekend together at my place instead of going up to the Spudman in Burley, Idaho.

This morning I wanted to show my sister one of my favorite trails, so we took Twilight and headed up Millcreek Canyon to hike the Pipeline Trail. We hiked three miles out and three miles back and Twilight gamely kept up with us.

It is so fun to be able to do ‘active’ activities with my sister. I’m hoping that we can do lots more fun adventures with each other out in nature.

I’m really looking forward to September. We are flying up to Portland, Oregon for five or so days in Oregon and Washington doing some hiking (and running in my case) as we explore the states and attend our nephews (Ryan Miles) wedding.


2 thoughts on “Showing my sister the trails

  1. yeah, my goal is to get to your pace and be able to actually run at your speed and challenge YOU!:) It was nice that Kerry didn't even recognise me I'd changed so much.


  2. Wow – that is pretty neat. I was looking at the sibling pictures from Brooke's wedding compared to Jon's and you definitely have changed.


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