Adventures in Running with Maurine

Why can’t we all get along?


This past week has seen some debates being started in another blog that I belong to where an elite runner has openly expressed his disdain/contempt for several things that I feel strongly about:

  • Ultramarathoners vs. road racers
  • Finisher’s medals for marathons
  • Age Group rankings and awards
  • Running for the sheer joy of running

This particular runner lives his life totally around running and cannot understand that the normal human being does not have that ability. We deal with work, family, injury, church, life, working out, in addition to training for races.

I have met some incredible athletes and friends through running and blogging – and will always be grateful for that. I think 95% of us either have the goal of improving ourselves and our running times or else maintaining our fitness for the rest of our lives. We challenge ourselves to better times, increase distances, feel stronger….

It saddens me that there are actually runners out there who feel contempt for those who do not have their talents, genes, ambitions or drive. Luckily – these seem to be in the minority.

It gladdens me to meet those that are supportive, understanding and willing to share their knowledge without taking it personally if a person determines that something does not necessarily work for them.

A big thank you to my running friends who cheer me on, say kind words, and understand what it takes to continue to do this day after day without ever having a chance to win a race, place in my age group, or perhaps achieve my dream goal of qualifying for Boston. You know that I keep trying and that I am an athlete, even if I don’t fit the typical ‘athlete’ mold.


3 thoughts on “Why can’t we all get along?

  1. You ARE an athlete!!! Now I gotta go check the “other” blog to see what your talking about! 🙂


  2. You are so very right, well said! Someone has become a little elitist and it is very sad!!! But I have met so many great friends through running that I can not leave the website, as much as I want to! So, ignore him we will! OR ANNOY HIM!


  3. Anarchy against Sasha! A new way of life.


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