Adventures in Running with Maurine

Twilight’s Cronies

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Twilight is a popular dog. She has lots of friends that she likes to hang with.

In the picture to the left, Twilight is the middle dog. On the left is the new puppy my sister’s family just got: Porter Rockwell the dog. He is about 4 weeks younger than Twilight.

Sadie, the dog on the right is her mother. She looks like she is trying to figure out which puppy is hers.

Twilight had plenty of puppy bonding time today. Porter Rockwell came over to hang out this afternoon. Twilight was in puppy heaven and all over her new puppy cousin. Porter was a little intimidated at first, but towards the end he was starting to gain ground.

Twilight also met another canine buddy today. Leslie brought Odee over to my house this afternoon and we introduced the two of them. Odee was more interested in checking out the place and hoping I was taking him for a run. Twilight was a LOT intimidated by Odee and spent her time hiding. As you can see from this picture – Odee is a tad bit bigger than Twi.


One thought on “Twilight’s Cronies

  1. Porter has gotten a lot fluffier and a little bigger the past few days,maybe he’ll be a better match on Monday!


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