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30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 19

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My daughter says I am evil. I guess that is a good thing to be somedays. The reason she says I am evil is because she was up all night reading ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer and I have been the one encouraging her.

I love this book. It is not great literature, but it is a great story. The entire world is in love with vampires and wants to meet a vampire and be dazzled. The movie based on Twilight comes out tomorrow and I cannot wait to see it.

As a matter of fact – my new puppy already has a name: Twilight

What I like best about Twilight is that it helped me realize that I still have a romantic streak hidden somewhere inside of me. Only in this last year, between falling in love with Enchanted, getting hooked on Jane Eyre, and then the Twilight series have I started to want to love someone and be loved by someone like these people experienced.



One thought on “30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 19

  1. Twilight just t winkled for you:-)


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